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In-Home Newborn Session Guide

As an in-home newborn photographer, it is a pleasure to be invited into your home and more importantly into this amazing time in your life. The newness, the raw, and so beautiful. Here are a few things to expect for your session.

My style of shooting for these sessions is a natural light setting with a combination of posed and lifestyle shots. I want to capture you in a way that reveals real life and in real settings.

Let's talk about wardrobe........this one is easy. I recommend soft, natural colors no matter what type of session we are doing. A general rule of thumb is to compliment each other without matching.

For Mom - soft comfortable clothing is a must! Knit tops, a simple tank, a comfy sweater, and maybe a pair of leggings. This will keep you comfortable and make a great background for mom and baby shots. Consider a nursing top if you will be breast feeding as this will make snacking and feeding during the session a breeze.

For Dad - comfort is key!!! Wear what you would normally wear around the house. Comfortable, and casual. Example......jeans, with a plain colored shirt or button up that compliments moms outfit. Try to stay away of large logos, bright colors and bold patterns.

How to prepare.......

We will get a wide variety of images by using a few different places in your home and switching up posing. Details of their hands and feet, little nose, and lots of cuddles.

Think you house is mess? DON"T STRESS!!!! You just gave birth to a HUMAN BEING!!! Your home is not a museum, and you LIVE there. Your photos should reflect that. By simply putting things where they belong, everything will look normal and tidy. If needed furniture can be moved temporarily (I will take care of this and make sure it is moved back before I leave).

I do ask that all window blinds and curtains be opened so that I can evaluate the best lighting. Also, newborns like to be warm so turning up the temperature a few degrees will make baby happy and nappy!

Continue to feed baby as you normally would, but be prepared to feed or give baby a snack during the session. Newborns typically don't have a feeding schedule and may cluster feed as many times as needed during the session.

Make the bed.........I know, I know, I just told you not to worry about a messy house.......however........some of my favorite images are families snuggled on the bed. A non-busy comforter works best. Pillows or a blanket are a great way to add your own style and color. If you think your comforter may not be perfect for the session, a blanket can be thrown on the bed, or mention it to me and I can bring some options for you.

The nursery is another great place for some great shots. You have put so much time, thought, and love into designing this space, it NEEDS to be a part of your session.

Lastly......what to expect.

When I arrive, I will ask for a tour of your home so I can gauge the lighting, and get a feel for your style. We can talk about anything special you would like to incorporate in your session, and I can answer any questions you may have.

When I start shooting we will take cues from baby as to where we start. Basically, baby will run the show.

The session can last anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on how many snack breaks and cuddles baby needs.

I will bring everything that is needed, but if there are any items that are special or sentimental please have those ready.

Although this is a lifestyle session, I also enjoy wrapping baby in soft swaddles as they sleep peacefully and pose them in a basket or crate.

Final thoughts.......

Sometimes baby sleeps through the entire session, and sometimes baby needs to eat, or be changed or just wants to be awake. One of the best things about these sessions is they are flexible and not on a time RELAX!!!

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